Alexandria, MN Events

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Event DateApptEvent Name
5/12/2015   Jim Brandenburg's Photography - Chased by the Light: A 90-Day Journey
5/30/2015   Holmes City Farmers' Market
6/8/2015   Free Summer Meals
6/20/2015   Festival of the Lakes
7/1/2015   Where's Waldo?
7/1/2015   Adult Afternoon Drop-In Tennis
7/2/2015   Adult Tennis Drill Activities
7/2/2015   Book signing by Candace Simar
7/2/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/2/2015   BLT Band Free Summer Concert
7/4/2015   July 4th Free Summer Concert: A Red, White & Blue Thank You!
7/4/2015   Shalom Run 5K, 10K, and Kids 1K Run
7/4/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/7/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/7/2015   Stand Up Paddleboarding for Beginners
7/7/2015   Adult Tennis League
7/8/2015   Adult Afternoon Drop-In Tennis
7/8/2015   Family Fun Tennis Nights
7/9/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/9/2015   Haggard Boys Free Summer Concert
7/9/2015   The Elements: Water
7/9/2015   Adult Tennis Drill Activities
7/10/2015   WakeUp! Alexandria at Carlos Creek Winery
7/10/2015   Music in the Gardens
7/10/2015   Minnesota Lakes Classic Boat Show Weekend – 2015
7/11/2015   Book signing by Julia Lee
7/11/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/11/2015   Festival of Farms
7/13/2015   Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Open House Event
7/13/2015   Adult Morning Drop-In Tennis
7/14/2015   Adult Tennis Drill Activities
7/14/2015   Adult Tennis League
7/14/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/14/2015   SUP Yoga!
7/15/2015   Adult Afternoon Drop-In Tennis
7/16/2015   Transit Authority Free Summer Concert
7/16/2015   Wine & Art Crawl
7/16/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/16/2015   "Baskets of Blessings" Summer Bazaar & Luncheon
7/17/2015   Prairie Fire Theatre and Community Education present "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
7/17/2015   Prairie Fire Theatre and Community Education present "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
7/18/2015   Lorie Line and Her Fab Five
7/18/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/19/2015   Hot Days, Cool Jazz
7/20/2015   Summer Flowers: Warm Summer Whimsy
7/20/2015   Adult Morning Drop-In Tennis
7/21/2015   Adult Tennis League
7/21/2015   Stand Up Paddleboarding for Beginners
7/21/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/22/2015   Adult Afternoon Drop-In Tennis
7/23/2015   Adult Tennis Drill Activities
7/23/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/23/2015   VFW Auxiliary Salad Luncheon
7/23/2015   Bob & The beachcombers Free Summer Concert
7/23/2015   A View from the Lake Pontoon Tour
7/24/2015   WakeUp! Alexandria at The Alexandria Blue Anchors
7/24/2015   Music in the Gardens
7/25/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/27/2015   Adult Morning Drop-In Tennis
7/28/2015   Adult Tennis League
7/28/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/28/2015   Alexandria Area Newcomers
7/29/2015   Adult Afternoon Drop-In Tennis
7/30/2015   Adult Tennis Drill Activities
7/30/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
7/30/2015   WoodPicks Free Summer Concert
7/30/2015   A View from the Lake Pontoon Tour
7/31/2015   Rising Stars "Fun in the Sun!"
7/31/2015   Rising Stars "Fun in the Sun!"
7/31/2015   Broadway's Party in the Street
8/1/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/3/2015   Senior Housing Tour
8/4/2015   Stand Up Paddleboarding for Beginners
8/4/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/5/2015   Friends of the Library Book Sale
8/5/2015   Runestone Museum Steak Fry
8/6/2015   The Elements: Wind
8/6/2015   Jazz Dot Combo Free Summer Concert
8/7/2015   Festival of the Lakes
8/7/2015   WakeUp! Alexandria at Diamond Buick GMC
8/7/2015   Music in the Gardens
8/8/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/8/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/9/2015   Festival of the Lakes
8/10/2015   Artisan Breads
8/11/2015   SUP Yoga!
8/11/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/12/2015   Family Fun Tennis Nights
8/12/2015   Community Picnic
8/12/2015   AATA Family Fun Tennis Nights
8/13/2015   A View from the Lake Pontoon Tour
8/13/2015   Mom and Me Ballet--Trial Session
8/13/2015   Cassie & The Bobs Free Summer Concert
8/13/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/15/2015   Alexandria Farmers Market
8/16/2015   Festival of the Lakes Concert
8/16/2015   Festival of the Lakes Concert